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Outdoor cooking by Göta Kanal

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Eat like a local

Fertile arable land in Hjo

Guldkroksbygden is the name given to the district surrounding Hjo due to its fertile arable land. Not surprisingly, there are many farms and food producers here. Perhaps you've tried one of the cheeses from the cheese dairy at Almnäs Bruk, one of Sweden's largest organic farms, or tasted a creamy KRAV-labelled yogurt from the Hjordnära diary? You can also pick blueberries at Blåbärsgården (blueberry farm) in Fridene, strawberries at Munkebo Gård, buy bisonmeat at the Bison Farm which you can grill at home, or taste locally produced honey. On a hot summer's day, you can enjoy the local organic ice cream at Gula Paviljongen (the Yellow Pavilion) or buy a Juniper drink from Hjo Brewery.



There are many local producers, many of which have small farm shops in Hjo. This helps keep our countryside alive. Call before your visit to see if you can make your visit today.


Almnäs Ysteri. Sales at the farm shop during events. You can also buy the cheese in Hjo town center, at Känsla's delicatessen (Address; Hamngatan 3 Hjo). Contact: +46 503 160 05 www.almnas.com

Bisonfarmens Farm Shop. At Sweden's largest bison farm you can find bison meat in the farm shop. Contact: +46 703 353 545 www.gatebison.se

Gula Paviljongen Glasscafé. Café where you can purchase Wetternglass - locally produced ice cream. +46 700 282 477,  +46 708 901 781

Delicatezza Bianca. A small deli shop with hand-picked and selected products from the Italian and French cuisine are mixed with local delicacies from the Hjo area.. Tel:+46 735 358 678 Facebook >>

Handelsboden Njuta. Café and shop with tea, coffee, chocolate and other delicacies and food from the area. +46 503 315 50 www.njuta.info

Hjo Sik. Shop and restaurant with lake Vättern's delights (fish) and food from the area. +46 503 310 32 

ICA Supermarket. Food store with several products from the area. +46 503 130 20 www.ica.se/hjo

Känsla restaurant. The restaurant where German cuisine meets Swedish. Local ingredients, adapted to the season, are served on the menu and all dishes are prepared from scratch. Tel: + 0()50310404

Maplerocks delikatesser. Meat delicacies from cattle. +46 760 281 661

Mistens Gård. Sale of the farm's beef. +46 703 464 141  More information about Mistens Gård on Facebook.

Munkebo Gård. Sale of the farm's strawberries (also pick-your-own during June and July) and honey from the area. +46 503 403 76 www.munkebogard.se

Ringabergets Honung. The farm's honey for sale. +46 706 191 527 www.vastgotahonung.com

Stampens Kvarn. Restaurant in an old mill, where you also will find flour from West Sweden, home baked bread and pastries. +46 503 105 51 www.stampenskvarn.nu

Torsbo Gård. The farm's honey for sale. +46 705 143 210 Facebook >>

Vete & Råg. Café and restaurant in the central of Hjo (Town square), with home baked bread and pastries. +46 503 127 99 Facebook >>

Vätternsparris. Sale of white asparagus from the farm. +46 503 162 65 www.sparris.net

Widhjas Potatis. Sale of own cultured potatoes. +46 709 146 005

Österhagen Glass. Home made ice cream and sorbet. See the manufacturing process at Långgatan. +46 503 141 11 www.osterhagenglass.se