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  • Photographer: Jonas Ingman


Yearly Arts and Crafts Fair

Craft Fair during more than 30 years in Hjo Town Park

One of Sweden's largest fairs with handmade arts and crafts taking place every year in Hjo Town Park. The second weekend of July the park becomes home for hundreds of stalls and thousands of people. 2023 you are welcome to Hjo Town Park 7-9 July.

One of the largest craft fairs

The yearly Arts & Crafts fair in Hjo is one of the largest craft fairs in Scandinavia. For over 30 years Hjo Town Park has been filled by craftsmen and their work. Next to the lake Vättern and in the shadows of the trees you will find ceramics, wood, fabric, cloth, woven, leather, baskets, knitwear and much more. During the fair you can also see how to prepare flax, weave and more. In the market area you will also find food, coffee, sausage, hamburgers and ice cream.

Short facts about the weekend

  • Friday 7 July 11:00 –18:00 
  • Saturday 8 July 10:00 –18:00 
  • Sunday 9 July 10:00  –16:00 
  • Bus parking facilities
  • Food stalls
  • Free entrance
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Contact information

Grevbäcks Hembygdsförening

544 91 Hjo

Phone: +46 70 61 94 743

E-mail: info@grevback.com

Website: grevback.com/