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A group of women swim in a pool on a Sauna Fleet.

Photographer: Linnea Gustavsson

Enjoyable and relaxing holiday

You don't want to miss this

When you stroll around Lidköping city you can download our app "Läckö Kinnekulle" and start a self-guided tour. You can choose from several different types of tours, such as a historic city walk, a design walk or a tour that takes you to the city's most iconic places. Also visit Lidköping Art Hall when you are in town, where high quality exhibitions of national and international artists are displayed all year round.

A must-see place is Läckö Castle which is located on the headland of Ekens Archipelago, Kållandsö. Magnus De la Gardie's baroque castle is one of West Sweden's most visited place and has also been chosen as Sweden's most beautiful castle. Here you can go for a castle walk, stroll around in the castle garden, see exhibitions and eat at restaurant. At naturum Vänerskärgården - Victoriahuset you can learn more about Kållandsö's and Vänern's unique natural and cultural environment and you can also stay overnight here.

You should not miss the beautiful nature of the plateau mountain Kinnekulle. It is particularly beautiful to walk around the Munkängarna, especially in May/June when the wild garlic blooms. You can see even more beautiful flowers and plants in the various gardens around the destination, for example Hellekis Garden here at Kinnekulle. Check out our gardens and parks in Destination Läckö-Kinnekulle here!


Sit back and enjoy a swedish ”fika”

In central Lidköping in the middle of the main square you will fin the classical café Rådhuskonditoriet. The café is located in the same building that the Tourist Office, that means in the iconic red building called Old Town Hall. Here you can enjoy a typical swedish fika and do not forget to try their specialty – Läckökringla.

At Läckö Castle you will find the seasonally open Café called Café Stallet. In the small grand piano building on the castle ramp, right next to the beach, homemade bread, good pastries, slightly simpler meals, ice cream and freshly brewed coffee are served.

At the plateau mountain Kinnekulle we find two nice places with good coffee and slightly simpler meals. First we have Café på Klostret in Blomberg which serves divinely good buns with several different flavors besides cinnamon. You don't want to miss their rhubarb bun! Furthermore, we have Hellekis Kök och Trädgårdscafé, a quiet and beautiful oasis in a nice manor environment. The tasty soup made from Kinnekulle's specialty ”wild garlic” is well worth a visit.

If you want to explore even more about having a swedish ”fika” in Destination Läckö-Kinnekulle, you can do that here!


Sleep like a sleeping beauty

Overnight in first class next to Läckö Slott at the naturum Vänerskärgården - Victoriahuset, which has been named one of the coolest hotels in Scandinavia according to The Times. The calm and harmonious environment of the archipelago rocks you to sleep and wakes you quietly.

In picturesque Lundsbrunn you will find Lundsbrunn Resrot & Spa, a source of enjoyment since 1724. The spa resort has always been a popular place for relaxation, swimming and treatments such as for food, socializing and overnight stay.

If you want to explore even more about the different types of accommodation in Destination Läckö-Kinnekulle, you can do that here!


Even more relaxation

Kronocamping in Lidköping has a pool house with a sauna and whirlpool. If you are a group who wants a couple of relaxing hours, please book a place here for yourselves. You can also book the sauna raft on Kållandsö at Naven Outdoor Experience. Both cool and relaxing!


Delicious dinner with that extra

At Mellbygatan’s in central Lidköping you can botanize yourself among several cheeses and delicacies, or you can settle down and enjoy the delicious food in the restaurant. A few hundred meters away on the older city side, we have the equally popular restaurant Feeling. Here you can choose between casual or fine dining, and all dishes are prepared with high quality ingredients according to availability and season.

Now we head towards Kållandsö where we find two first class restaurants that we think you will appreciate a lot. In Spikens Fiskehamn we have the restaurant Sjöboden, which serves local delicacies of the highest quality. Of course, the fish and the vendace roe are taken from Vänern. The nice dining room also have a view over the boats in the little harbor. Not far from here we have Läckö Castle where we find a very nice restaurant. The ingredients here are always seasonal and taken from the castle garden, local vegetable growers, fishermen from Lake Vänern, and local farmers and hunters. The view of Läckö Castle and Ekens Archipelago in combination with the delightful taste experience is absolutely magical.

In the small community Forshem, on the plateau mountain Kinnekulle, we find one of Sweden's oldest inns. Forshem's Gästgivaregård, close to Forshems church, strives to highlight the local Swedish food tradition. The ingredients are extracted from the local environment to the greatest extent possible. Wild meat from Kinnekulle, fish from Lake Vänern and vegetables, fruits, berries and mushrooms from the forest and the local growers.

If you want to explore even more of what Destination Läckö-Kinnekulle has to offer in food and dinner, you can do that here!