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Photographer: Mikael Svensson

Kayak tour and wreck safari 13km

A kayak tour awash with the secrets of the deep!

Discover sunken ships in Eken's archipelago off Kållandsö. Hear their stories and get an insight into life on Lake Vänern at the turn of the century.

Quick facts

Distance: 13 km

Length: About 2.5 hours

Suitable for: Beginners with little experience

Conditions: Lake Vänern skerries starting from Naven



Unique wreck safari with kayak

Make your kayak trip a real adventure! In the app ‘Läckö Kinnekulle’ you can follow the self-guided tour Wreck Safari which starts at Naven and takes you past abandoned and wrecked ships in Eken's archipelago. All wrecks are marked with a white buoy. The stops that are not connected to any wreck are not dependent on any specific location and therefore have no buoy. Some wrecks are clearly visible, while others lie deeper below the surface.

Download the app via Appstore here or Google play here! 

Encounter exciting stories

On the Wreck Safari, 20 places and stories are highlighted, one of which is about Naven's lighthouse and about the lighthouse keeper's wife Mathilda, who was left alone with 13 children and one on the way when her husband, the lighthouse keeper Carl Fredrik, drowned. The large family lived in the small lighthouse keeper's cottage with only one room and the work of guarding the lighthouse was carried on from generation to generation until the beginning of the 2000s.

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See the wreck of the ‘Agnes’

Agnes is one of the wrecks that is clearly visible from the surface. Before rebuilding Agnes was a very beautiful ship that was depicted on postcards. She was a carvel built galeas, 20.71 meters long and had a bow ornament in the shape of a lion with mane waving along the sides. The stern was richly decorated with turned pillars. In 1921 she was equipped with an engine and during her last ownership she had her home port south of Naven.


Tips for accommodation


Watch the movie about wreck safari


Route information


13 km

Approximate time:

2.5 hours


Vänern skerries between islands and lake shore.

Take note: 

Remember to take drinking water and snacks, and life vest along with mobile phone and extra clothes in a waterproof bag or container.


  • Choose bright colours for clothes and kayak so you can be more easily seen on the lake
  • Use common sense
  • Check the current weather forecast with your rental company before setting off. The weather can change very quickly on the lake

  • If you have never kayaked before it is a good idea to start with a short course

Suitable for:


Start and finish: 

Naven at Kållandsö outside Lidköping.


Coming by car, turn left from Kållandsövägen at the sign for Läckö Golf. Then follow the road until it is signposted for Naven.

With Local Services via Västtrafik, You can travel from any address to any of the municipality's local service stops or vice versa.  However the address must be in the green area on the map of local services. You call and book your trip at least 1 hour before the desired departure based on the given time intervals (see times). Traveling with Local Services costs the same as a regular single ticket and you can pay both in cash and by bank card. For more information www.vasttrafik.se


Contact information

Destination Läckö-Kinnekulle

Nya Stadens Torg

531 31 Lidköping

Phone: +46 510 200 20

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