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Photographer: HENRIK TRYGG

Pilgrim Path Skaraborg

Historical hiking in beautiful scenery

Our need of inner peace has not changed since the medieval times. It is needed as a counterweight to today's high demands. During the Middle Ages, hikers traveled a long way to reach holy goals. Just like them we can now walk through unique nature and ancient culture.

There are beautiful views along the hiking trails in Skaraborg and the tracks from the Middle Ages are being seen everywhere. In Gudhem and Varnhem the ruins of the old monasteries show us that there used to be hostels here for the pilgrims. Reliefs in Forshem and at Skara cathedral testify that pilgrims was a part of everyday life. 

In Skaraborg today we can walk the same paths as they did ages ago. The landscape in this region offers something for everyone. Cultural sights in an accessable landscape, waters and a rich plant- and animal life. Let yourself be inspired byt the views from the hill tops, discover the amazing bird life at Hornborgasjön and enjoy the nature passing by the routes on your hike. 

Falköpings St Olof - Gudhem 15 km
Gudhem - Varnhem 25 km
Eriksberg - Vårkumla 30 km
Åsarp (Brattelid) - Falköping St Olof 40 km
Vartofta (Smula Ås)- Kungslena (Rearstorp) 32 km
Kungslena - Gudhem 22 km
Kungslena Hjo ca 44-50 km
Varnhem - Skara 17 km (S:ta Elins led)
Skara - Husaby 23 km
Husaby - Forshem 19 km
Forshem - Mariestad 41 km
Skövde - Varnhem 14 km 
Husaby - Lidköping 20 km
Lidköping - Läckö 46 km
Brynolfleden Skara - Lödöse - Göteborg 143 km
S:ta Elins led Skövde - Götene 48 km 

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