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Photographer: Gaby Karlsson Hain

Karl XII's Trail
Dals Rostock - Järbo

A well-known and popular hiking trail across Kroppefjäll

Karl XII's trail is one of Dalsland's most popular hiking trails. It is about 15 km one way. Extends from the croft in Forsebol, about 6 km south of Dals Rostock, across Kroppefjäll to Järbo church on the west side.

Hiking trail

Length: 15 km
Type of trail: Straight
A straight trail that runs between Järbo in Färgelanda and Dals Rostock in Mellerud that stretches across the northern part of the Kroppefjäll plateau. 

At Hästskotjärn on the mountain, they have built a half-timbered rest cabin that is open all year round, where anyone can stay overnight - however, it is assumed that you leave the cabin in the same condition as it was when you arrived there.


Karl XII's way offers varied nature and a hilly terrain through forests, mountains and bogs. There are also plenty of ponds and streams.


A long time ago, one of the roads to Norway went over Kroppefjäll. We know that it was this road that parts of Karl XII of Swedens army marched during the attack on Norway in 1718, hence the name of the trail.

The road was later abandoned and for a long time it was completely overgrown. In the early 1960s, the road was rediscovered and local committed citizens cleared the road. They built bridges and arranged a trail over the mountains so the old way could be reopened in 1961.


Parking and information are available at all starting points.
Starting point Järbo - From road 172, turn towards Järbo church about 9 km south of
Bäckefors. Follow the road for about 2.5 km, past the church. Then follow the "Karolinerleden" signs.
Starting point Dals-Rostock - From road 166, about 10 km west of Mellerud turn towards Dals-Rostock. Take the road through the community, follow the signs to Kroppefjäll and the OK cottage (Ok stugan).

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