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Photographer: Katrin Bååth

Bokäventyret / The Book Adventure

The Book Adventure - from rune stones to smartphone

Visit Gamla biblioteket (the Old Library) in Skara and Sweden's first play and learning exhibition about the history of books and writing. Join the Book Adventure through play and craft stations, via rune stones, letterpress art to children's and youth literature through time.

A play and learn exhibition for the whole family

With inspiration from Junibacken in Stockholm and Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus in Gothenburg, the old library in Skara has created Bokäventyret – a play and learn exhibition for both old and young. The exhibition sparks curiosity and joy by letting the visitors see, feel and smell. In the exhibition there is something for all ages – no matter your language, heritage or function.


Follow the owl Birger Uggla through the different stations with help of crafts and games. The journey takes you from the old tales told around the fire and old norse rune stones to the letterpress art and the child- and youth litterature of today.

The adults can experience the several rooms in the house together with the children, read books, have a coffee in the small café or visit the beautiful 19th century library on the second floor. Temporary exhibitions replace eachother, so there is always something new to discover on your next visit.


The old library in Skara also has a unique collection of books, and among them you will find Skaramissalet – Sweden’s oldest book – which is more than 850 years old! This medieval christian mass book is handwritten in latin and very beautifully colored.

Contact information


Biblioteksgatan 1

53230 Skara

Phone: +46 051132066

E-mail: bokaventyret@skara.se

Website: bokaventyret.se