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  • Photographer: Jesper Anhede


Paddle silently through the lakes in a kayak or


Kayak and SUP on Lake Vättern
In Hjo you can rent kayaks or stand-up-paddle boards and explore lake Vättern.

Paddle from lake Örlen to lake Viken
Start your paddling tour in the lake Örlen in Tibro and go through the small canal Örlan to the lake Viken and the swimming spot at Beateberg. You will paddle through narrow passages of reed, duck under trees felled by beavers and see wonderful nature along the way.

Kayak on Lake Vänern
Rent a kayak in Mariestad and discover the grand nature in Vänern on your own or with a guide.

Paddle in the Valle area
Paddle canoe and explore the lakes in the Valle area between Skara and Skövde, or go paddling on the little river Flian south of Skara.

Kayak in the Kållandsö archipelago
On the island Kållandsö in Lake Vänern you can rent a kayak at Läckö Castle and Naven’s lighthouse and paddle in a beautiful archipelago. You will find waters that are suitable for kayakers of all levels.

Paddling and hiking in Tiveden
Ösjönäs in Tiveden is surrounded by the lakes Lilla and Stora Trehörningen. At Ösjönäs you will find a paddling paradise in a mystic environment where you can rent both SUP, kayaks and canoes. Why not combine the paddling with a hike on one of the beautiful walking trails in the national park?