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Cycle among the Göta canal with children

Cycling along the Göta Canal is a popular family activity. All the locks, charming refreshment venues and fascinating things to see along the canal ensure you’ll never be bored.


For families with children looking for a holiday trip in Sweden, a cycling adventure along the Göta Canal is the perfect choice. It’s easy to hire bikes, or why not book a complete cycling package, including accommodation and meals (find out more below)?


 Traffic-free cycling amidst wonderful scenery

The Göta Canal starts in the small community of Sjötorp on the shores of Lake Vänern, where you can hire bikes. The old towpath alongside the canal is vehicle-free and easy to cycle, with no big hills. The frequent villages dotted along the canal mean you’re never far from an ice-cream break.


The Göta Canal is a unique Swedish summer idyll. Watch the fascinating process of raising and lowering the boats in the locks, or simply enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings.


Check out all the different types of boats slowly gilding along the canal, stop and pat the canal sheep or take an evening dip from a jetty.

Splash around in the mini canal

The old harbour warehouse (Hamnmagasinet) in Lyrestad houses a traditional, turn-of-the-century general store, and when you pull into the lock area at Norrkvarn there are plenty of reasons to stay for a while. Let the children play and splash about in the mini canal and sample some locally produced fare on the restaurant deck.


The old warehouse at Hajstorp

Hajstorp has no less than nine locks. Stay a while and enjoy the canalside environment at Hajstorps slusscafé. The top floor of the warehouse has a display area where kids can get creative and try their hand at weaving and making their own bark boat to launch on the canal. You will also find high-quality handicrafts.

Refreshments galore – fika, fika and more fika!

In Töreboda a stop at Café Visthuset is a must, for if there’s one thing the canal can boast, it’s a wealth of delicious refreshment offerings. And locks! It’s great fun for children and adults alike watching the boats being raised and lowered via the locks – ideally with a bun or ice cream in hand!


The two villages of Jonsboda and Vassbacken are equally charming, and shortly after you will come to Lanthöjden, an island in the middle of the canal. Atop the island stands a tall obelisk that is worth a closer look.

Enchanted nights

The canal changes character at Tåtorp and continues out into Lake Viken and on towards the old industrial community of Forsvik. Tåtorp therefore makes a good turning point for your cycle trip, but, of course, it’s completely up to you.

Along the canal you will find hotels, campsites, youth hostels and B&Bs. However, the most spectacular accommodation option is undoubtedly the Norrqvarn giant magic tree stumps and mushrooms.

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4 popular Göta Canal cycling packages


#1 An organic cycling holiday

 Café Visthuset, Töreboda

A totally organic cycling holiday sprinkled with beautiful scenery and the simple pleasures of life along the Göta Canal. You cycle between Café Visthuset in Töreboda and Tåtorp youth hostel beside Lake Viken.

  • The package includes: overnight accommodation, dinner, breakfast, picnic lunch and cycle hire.
  • Don’t miss: Stop for a picnic on the island of Lanthöjden, which is one of the highest points along the canal.




#2 Children’s special cycling package

Norrqvarn Hotell & Konferens, Lyrestad


You start from Sjötorp and head along the canal to Norrqvarn, where games, ice cream, dinner and overnight accommodation await.

  • The package includes: overnight accommodation, 2-course dinner, breakfast, cycle hire, map and ice cream.
  • Don’t miss: All children get to borrow a boat to play with at Barnens Minikanal (Children's Mini Canal).




#3 Leisurely weekend by electric bike

Sustainable Stella, Töreboda


Leisurely cycling by electric bike along the Göta Canal combined with locally produced food. Perfect for anyone looking for nature experiences and a relaxed pace.

  • The package includes: overnight accommodation, 3-course dinner, breakfast, lunch, map and entry to the Göta Canal museum.
  • Don’t miss: The Göta Canal museum in Sjötorp, where you can discover the fascinating history behind Sweden’s biggest infrastructure project.




#4 An adventurous 3-day tour

Upplevelsepaket, Töreboda


Flexible cycling holiday with B&B accommodation in Töreboda. Experience all the charming communities along the canal such as Sjötorp, Vassbacken and Tåtorp.

  • The package includes: overnight accommodation, dinners, breakfasts, packed lunches, cycle hire, map and entry to the Göta Canal museum.
  • Don’t miss: One of the canal’s manually operated locks from 1814 in Tåtorp.




Tips for more cycling experiences

West Sweden is a popular destination for cycling tourists. Explore a myriad of fantastic mountain-biking trails, rural coastal roads and family-friendly cycle trails.