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7 reasons to love Uddevalla

There are plenty of reasons to love Uddevalla! We could have mentioned so many, but selected some of our highlights. Hope you’ll enjoy our recommendations or maybe you have a personal favorite?

1. The proximity to the sea 
We can’t hide the fact that our coastal city attracts many visitors. The archipelago of Bohuslän is seductively beautiful all year round, none the les during the warm summer months. The sea attracts fishermen as well as year-round swimmers. Please find a list with Uddevallas 10 best beaches here!

2. The town full of happenings 
Uddevalla is Bohuslän's largest city and offers exciting events all year round. For athletes, there are a number of different competitions that goes under the concept of Challenger Uddevalla. For cultural enthusiasts there are art exhibitions as well as lectures and different shows.

3. The unique shell banks 
In Uddevalla you can find the world's largest shell banks! Walking around scales from animals that lived here just over 10,000 years ago is a powerful experience. The shell banks are, in addition to a unique history experience, also a fantastic setting for a walk or picnic, visit Skalbankarna today and experience something out of the ordinary! Read more about Skalbankarna here.

4. Fresh seafood
Uddevalla offers all kinds of food experiences - from international gastronomy to regional-style, freshly caught seafood dishes. Here you can buy prawns, crayfish, mussels, fish and much more that hold the highest quality. 

5. Beautiful mountains
Besides being a coastal city, Uddevalla is also a city surrounded by beautiful mountains. Here you can wander in deep forests next to peaceful lakes all year round. Here you will find the popular hiking trail Kuststigen and parts of Bohusleden. Both Herrestadsfjället and Bredfjället are suitable for outdoor activities all year round, find out more!

6. Sweden's oldest sea resort
Gustafsberg is Sweden's oldest sea- and spa resort dating back to the 18th century. Beautifully situated at Byfjorden is this nature reserve with its very exciting history and beautiful architecture. Read more about this amazing nature reserve and cultural area here.

7. Everyday activities
Uddevalla offers a wide range of things to experience throughout the week. How about playing paddle tennis, going to the movies, having a coffee at any one of the city's cafés or visiting one of Sweden's largest museums, Bohusläns Museum? The different options in the city are great and there is something for everyone. We recommend...