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Photographer: Henrik Trygg, vastsverige.com

Kayaking in Uddevalla is a fantastic experience with many advantages. In addition to being able to paddle more or less all year round, you can also paddle deep into shallow archipelagos. There are ideal kayak waters here and it is also an excellent way to explore Uddevalla.

Experience Uddevalla's kayak water

Byfjorden that penetrates into Uddevalla's city center offers great conditions for an experiential kayak trip. You can rent a kayak from Upplevelsebolaget or via Kayakomaten on Svenskholmen and paddle from Sweden's oldest seaside resort, historic Gustafsberg, past our pride Strandpromenaden and view the wooden deck that spreads out over the edge of the mountain.

Ljungskileviken also boasts exceptional kayaking water, rent your kayak at Anfasteröd Gårdsvik or at Kayakcenter, Ljungskile – here too you can enjoy the view of the beach promenade and historic seaside resort Lyckorna. Dare you paddle out when you soon Orust via Havstensfjorden and maybe you'll paddle past a sunning seal along the way.

If you want to paddle in the Nordströmmarna and the area around Bassholmen, which is truly a gem for kayaking, rent your kayak at Hafsten Resort. You will most likely understand why CNN Travel has named Bohuslän's waters a paradise for kayaking and the archipelago the seventh most beautiful natural area in the world.

Imagine that you are gliding across a mirror-like surface of water. Imagine the taste of salt on your lips and that feeling when the sun's rays warm your face. Imagine the sound of a paddle breaking the silence. Imagine experiencing Uddevalla's kayak water.

Did you know that...Bohuslän is one of the finest coastlines to explore from the kayak. At least that's the opinion of American CNN Travel, which calls the west coast a paradise for kayaking. They have also named the archipelago the seventh most beautiful natural area in the world.