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Photographer: Krisitn Wiktorsson


The bay between Orust and the mainland

Ljungskile was a popular bathing and spa town for many decades due to its climate, which was claimed to be balmy. Even though the town is now much more than a spa resort, it still offers relaxation, activities and good food throughout the year.

Experience the balmy climate

It was the combination of pine forest and sea air, as well as the protected location in the straits between Orust and the mainland, which was said to make the climate in Ljungskile rather special. The charming town is only one hour away from Gothenburg and stretches along the bay, with the grand Bredfjället mountain on one side. The name comes from “ljung”, or heather, which was once the name of the parish, and “kile”, meaning bay.

Walk alongside silver droplets

Bredfjället rises majestically above Ljungskile. There you will find a forest landscape one hundred metres above the sea, hilly and full of blueberries, with popular fishing lakes and scenic footpaths meandering through the mixed forest.

The paths also pass through previously cultivated landscapes where the traces of old farms and settlements still remain. Follow Tjöstelserödsbäcken from Skarsjöarna and you’ll come to Silverfallet, a 15-metre waterfall near the outlet of Lilla Skarsjön. Enjoy the sound from the many bird species that nest here: ospreys, black-throated divers, capercaillies, hazel hens, Tengmalm's owls and three-toed woodpeckers.

Special flavours at Lyckorna

The grand old Klocktornet at Lyckorna, which used to be the accounts office where bathing guests were received, is now the Mussel Bar where you can enjoy freshly caught sea mussels with classic side dishes. This is definitely one of the best gourmet experiences in Bohuslän. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, go on a mussel expedition and try your hand at harvesting fresh sea mussels.

A little further south, in a beautiful summer residence from the previous turn of the century, lies Villa Sjötorp; a hotel with a renowned restaurant. It boasts wonderful gingerbread woodwork, decorated ceramic stoves and an idyllic panorama. Locally produced food is served according to the season.

Photographer: Roger Borgelid

A round of golf or coffee and cake?

Just south of the town is Lyckorna Golf Course with its lush groves, wide fairways and several challenging holes. Come and practise your golf swings!

Photographer: Brynja Brynjarsdottir

For those who prefer to spend the afternoon shopping, a stroll among the interior design and clothes boutiques in the centre of the town is bound to make you feel good. Ljungskile also offers shallow beaches and crab fishing near the open-air swimming-baths, as well as exciting kayak adventures at sea.

Traditional seaside resort

The seaside resort of Lyckorna on the southern edge of Ljungskile was founded by Robert MacFie in 1877. He was a wholesaler who came with his family to Sweden from Scotland. MacFie founded the seaside resort where distinguished summer guests mingled among the grand summer villas and refreshed themselves in both hot and cold baths. Many still visit Ljungskile and Lyckorna to enjoy the swimming, boating and walking here, and many of the beautiful summer villas from the nineteenth century are still intact.

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