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Outdoor activities

Cycling, kayaking or hiking? Finally, the season starts for outdoor activities that do not require too many layers of clothes. Read some tips on beautiful outdoor activities in our guide.


Kayaking in Uddevalla is a fantastic experience with many advantages. In addition to paddling more or less year round, you can also paddle far into shallow archipelagos. Here you will find ideal kayaking waters and it is also a great way to explore Uddevalla. Rent a kayak and explore the waters on your own or book an unforgettable group activity! Did you know that Bohuslän is one of the world's finest coastlines to explore from the kayak, at least according to American CNN Travel who calls the west coast a kayaking paradise. They have also appointed our archipelago the seventh most beautiful natural area in the world.

Hiering a kayak 
Upplevelsebolaget, Uddevalla
Nautopp kajakcenter, Grebbestad

Experience nature from the bike
Let rocks, oceans and enchanting forests bee the scenery whilst you peddle in the pace that suits you on the bike. Whizzing along the forest roads at full speed on a mountain bike. Whether you are planning a cycling holiday or just want to take a quiet trip along the coast one summers evening, Uddevalla is an excellent choice - there are cycle paths, bike trails and bike-friendly roads. And with Uddevallas strategic location, in the heart of Bohuslän, most biking roads lead here.

Experience Uddevalla via boat 
Experiencing Uddevalla from the sea is an outstanding experience. If you don’t have your own boat, the Archipelago boats are a very nice option. With the Archipelago boats you can enjoy the nature of Bohuslän from the sea side. Spend the day or evening onboard one of the three beautiful archipelago boats. Choose to book a day cruise and create your own unique trip with the boats as a means of travel or choose a package trip that includes both boat trip and food (for example, a seafood cruise or a barbecue cruise onboard) Read more about the Archipelago boats and current tours here.

Go for a Hike or a jog in the woods or by the sea
For the nature lovers Uddevalla has got some incredible hiking trails to offer. Walk along the sea or in the deepest pine forest among lakes and marshes. Stroll along for an hour or a weekend hike and spend the night in one of the many wind shelters that are deployed along the trails. Hiking suit the entire family, old and young, and is a nice way to experience solidarity and amazing scenery. The hiking trails are also suitable if you fancy a run! Why not combine the walk with a fantastic boat trip? Walk a section of Kuststigen, for example from Gustafsberg to Sund, and then jump on one of the Archipelago boats and enjoy the sea view on your way back.

Go fishing 
Uddevalla offers many varied options for those who want to go fishing. In the forest areas at Herrestadsfjället and Bredfjället there are calm fishing waters, with good chances of catching noble fish, perch and pike. You can also try your luck in Bäveån or out at sea!

With its unique location and proximity to both sea fishing and inland fishing, Uddevalla has a long history of fishing. The success in catching a fish, varies of course, but very often it depends on who’s holding the fishing rod.

For those who like heights and challenges, climbing is a great way to discover Uddevalla and Bohuslän. Here you will find Sweden's and perhaps Northern Europe's best climbing with amazing granite rocks, beautifully located with trails of all levels of difficulties. For the experienced, it is easy to get out on your own and for those who wish to climb in a group or to attend a course there are many good options.