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  • Photographer: Alexander Kirchner

from the childrens perspective

  • 05 Aug, 2021

Enjoying a holiday in Uddevalla with children is both exciting and educational, especially for parents! With a wide range of activities and excursions, Uddevallas history, swimming spots and tourist destinations full of mischief.

For children with restless legs, there is a large and popular playground in Badhusparken, right next to Uddevalla Tourist Center. The tourist center is located in the Old Bath House, a beautiful yellow brick building from 1907, which is open all year round and in the summer they serve ice cream! Suitably, Uddevallas guest harbor is situated right next to the old building and besides viewing the beautiful ships at the dock, you can also go on a boat trip with Skärgårdsbåtarna cruising in Uddevallas beautiful inner archipelago. The boat takes you to several of Uddevallas swimming spots where you can enjoy the Bohuslän summer. Be sure to enjoy some crab fishing, as we do here in Bohuslän - all you need is a clothing peg, string and a bucket! 

Animals & Nature
Do you want to meet more animals then you can do so at Emaus Lantgård? Here you will get to know the mini pig’s and ducks, rabbits and cats. Perhaps you’re even brave enough to enjoy a pony ride or take a horse and carriage ride. Everyone is welcomed here all year round and all activities are free of charge. With the large open areas, there is plenty of room for play, jumping and games. Feel free to take a picnic basket or something to grill on one of their barbecues. A larger animal well worth a visit is the moose! Moose Anneröd is located north of Uddevalla and shows moose in its natural environment. In addition to enjoying the moose, you can also have a bite to eat at the farm and shop at their souvenir shop. 

Activities suited for all weather
Bohusläns Museum is located in the center of Uddevalla, close to both shopping and cozy cafés. Here you will find child-friendly exhibitions about Bohuslän's history, animals and nature. There is also a popular playroom with, among other things, the "steamer" who is waiting for departure. For the children who can’t get enough of laughter and play there is Stella's Lekland at Kuröd in Uddevalla - a paradise for all children ... and adults! Here you can play for a long time in a safe environment with everything from colorful balls to scary hanging bridges. 

For competing families
At Bokenäset in Uddevalla you will find Hafstens Resort, a perfect place to stay while traveling with the family. As well as offering a variety of activities, in addition to their child-friendly sandy beach, sea sauna and water slide, you can challenge each other in adventure golf or backward driving. 

As if this wasn’t enough, there are many more challenges for the competing family in Uddevalla. Near the center you can, for example, play adventure golf at Skeppsviken on a challenging course until September. If you want to try a pentathlon, then Lane Loge is worth a visit. Here you can play soccer golf, run a wheelbarrow race, try out stick horse racing, wheel stacking and sawing logs. For some proper speed, visit Glimmingen Motor Stadium. Here you can go go-carting and do burnouts on one of Sweden's biggest and funniest competition tracks. Be sure to book in advance or keep track of opening hours and rules! 

Enjoy a meal with children
A big party accompanied with hungry kids? Itchy legs and siting still is not an option? Uddevalla offers plenty of places where the family can enjoy a scrummy meal. 

Pinchos is a good choice with its range of small-dishes - here it is easy to satisfy even the most discerning little taste buds, as everything is served in miniature and you can order after your heart's desire! At the Coffee Roomer, the environment is forgiving and what’s on offer is perfect for the hungry family - while the parents are happy with one of the famous pasta salads (perhaps with homemade Karl-Johanspesto?) the children will chose  only their favorite ingredients for their children's pasta, or why not pancakes with ice cream. And when we are talking about ice-cream we have to mention Leja's café at Kungstorget. They offer - in addition to the fantastic Lejonet & Björnen ice cream - also Fro-yo in the summers - soft ice-cream -like frozen yogurt with help yourself accessories (fruit, berries, candy and all-round goodies) sold in bulk. A real life buoy in the summer heat. Read our guide to the best restaurants in Uddevalla here!

Swimming spots 
Last but not least, Uddevalla invites you to sun kissed rocks, sand between your toes and relaxation. Choose between a quick swim on the way home from the shopping trip or an evening swim with beautiful views. What type of swimmer are you? We recommend the following bathing spots!

Activities for the whole family
In the summer, the Archipelago boats operate the inner archipelago of Uddevalla and Ljungskile. You can also take a day trip to Smögen, Lysekil and Bassholmen to name just a few destinations. A perfect activity, regardless of the weather, for the whole family

In Ljungskile, at Skafteröds Gård, you can pick your own strawberries during the summer season. Fun activity for the whole family – nice too!