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Ivanhoe store
Gällstad, Ulricehamn

Shop and InfoPoint

Fabriken situated in the centre of Gällstad is filled with shopping possibilities. Here famous clothes brands sell their products for an affordable price.

Ivanhoe store

Inside fabriken in the middle of Gällstad you will find the Ivanhoe store. In this store you will find the entire Ivanhoes selection and it is sold at 25% lower prices than regular. Also applies to Tenson and Snö of Sweden. Here you can make real findings on high quality products.


Want more tips on what to find nearby? The Ivanhoe store is a Certified InfoPoint where you can get help from knowledgeable staff with easier questions about popular destinations in the area. Brochures and maps are also available.


Fabriken has more shops, for example, Oscar Jacobsson and Logo factory. Outlets with really good prices! Logofactory is also an Infopoint!

Food and coffee is available for those who need to think about their purchase!

Contact information


Boråsvägen 36

52360 Gällstad

Phone: +46 321 688 714

E-mail: butik@ivanhoe.se

Website: ivanhoe.se