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Photographer: Mats Lind

Korpeboberg Nature Reserve

Nature reserve with different types of forest

The deciduous forests of the Korpeboberg Nature Reserve are on the eastern shore of Lake Åsunden and, as the name suggests, are made up of broad leaf woodland concentrated around farmland at Näsboholm, Kärrabo and Korpebo.

Rich flora at Korpeboberg

The nature reserve is on the eastern shore of Lake Åsunden, approximately 7 kilometres south of Ulricehamn and west of highway 157, the Ulricehamn to Limmared road. The area can be reached via the road to Näsboholm.

The bedrock of green schist and limestone has contributed to the fertility of the soil and exceptionally rich flora.

Dozens of different types of forest

The area has dozens of different types of forest. The undulating, boulder-strewn areas are dominated by lime and maple, and in the shade of the deciduous trees you can find spring vetchling, sweet-scented wonder violet, baneberry and other exacting species.
Elm and ash are predominant in lower-lying areas and many of the older trees bear traces of pollarding. The flora is rich in this area and includes species such as lungwort and coral root.

The giant bellflower is usually blue but can also have white or striped flowers.

There is also an abundance of blue anenome, wood stitchwort, herb Paris, Solomon's seal, touch-me-not balsam and the magnificent ostrich fern.

Many lichens and mosses thrive on the older trees and dead wood, and those of particular interest include the striking tree lungwort, grey earth lichen, short-beaked wood moss and a number of rare or endangered species.

Holawaya mucida is an unusual fungus that grows in abundance on the trunks of lime trees.

Molluscs, insects and other creatures

Kråkeboberg and Åsakullen are home to around thirty-five land molluscs - in other words, slugs and snails - some of which are quite unusual.

Lesser bulin and monachoides incarnatus are two of the more unusual species.

There is also a rich birdlife and you can see or hear several different types of woodpecker.

The tawny owl is another hole-nesting bird, and nutcrackers and hawfinches have also been observed in the reserve. Small flocks of long-tailed tits can be seen from time to time looking for food in the trees and bushes, and, with a bit of luck, you may see a wren hopping around among the thickets and uprooted trees.

Embankment and ancient remains

The old embankment, now paved, that runs through the reserve forms part of the cycle path around Åsunden and the Åsundenleden hiking trail. From the embankment, you can take a detour up at Korpeboberg where you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the tree tops from the picnic area.


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