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  • Estates around the Lake

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    Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Birgit Th Sparre

For over 20 years, the author Birgit Th Sparre described her hometown of Lake Åsunden in Västergötland, and her romance novel ‘The estates around the lake’ have...

Open estates

Some of the estates around the lake are privately owned and some are open to the public. Here you will find an overview of which ones are open for visits.

Åsundsholm Golf & Country Club

Åsundsholm Herrgård, the writing home of famous local author Birgit Sparre, is beautifully located on the shore of Lake Åsunden. We offer a modern 18 hole golf...

Hofsnäs Herrgård

Charming' is the word you'd probably use to describe Hofsnäs Herrgård with accompanying museum and farm store. On visiting its café you're met with a veritable...

Torpa Stenhus

Torpa Stenhus medieval castle is beautifully situated at the southern shore of Lake Åsunden in West Sweden, just one hour from Gothenburg. Come for the Medieval...

Home at Källebacka

Farm shop in Marbäck stops the hand of time. About five years ago, Christina and Peter moved to the remaining wing of the farm Källebacka. Here, their...