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Photographer: Vildmark Sjuhärad

Vildmark Sjuhärad

Experience outdoor cooking with local ingredients in the company of good friends

At Vildmark Sjuhärad we want to give you an outdoor experience in a genuine natural setting with real cooking. Together you will cook a meal over an open fire and create a lasting memory.

Cook together 

Nature and the forest are our pantry, and the open fire is the kitchen. The heat of the fire, the peace and quiet of nature, the sun shimmering in the snow or the refreshing light rain of summer: these are all part of the experience. Enjoy an amazing sense of community. Each guided cooking session at Vildmark Sjuhärad gives you an authentic experience with fire and smoke, using natural and local ingredients, where the focus is on the Swedish outdoors and Swedish food.

Conference and kick-off sessions in the big outdoors

Create unforgettable meetings in fantastic outdoor settings and experience them together with your colleagues. Talking, eating good food and taking active exercise are the perfect combination for both body and soul. Outdoor meetings help contribute to a sense of community and give you new energy. Topics of conversation and ideas thrive so much more out in the fresh air!

Do you want to help prepare the food or should it be ready when you arrive? You decide. Cooking together is not just an enjoyable and edifying experience; it is also a very good exercise in group dynamics.

Contact information

Vildmark Sjuhärad


Phone: +46 705 80 94 27

E-mail: peter@wichers.se

Website: vildmarksjuharad.se