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  • Photographer: Jan Töve/ulricehamnsturistbyra.se

Ulricehamns kallbadhus

Cold-water bathing and hot spa treatments

Located beautifully on Lake Åsunden is Ulricehamn's cold-water bathing facility. It offers an amazing aquatic health experience with an energising spa, bathing area, and excellent food. It has become a place to meet and relax for young and old alike – all year round.

  • Photographer:  Sune Broman

  • Photographer:  Sune Broman

  • Photographer:  Sune Broman

Massage, bathing and sauna

Ulricehamn’s cold-water bathing facility has the motto "It should be good to live!". It provides respite for both body and soul – every day, whatever the season. After an invigorating dip in Lake Åsunden, you can enjoy a variety of treatments for aching backs and tired minds. How about a massage with hot lava stones, a classic full-body massage, or a facial? Treat yourself and your friends to a whole day of massage, bathing and relaxing in the sauna. You can also book larger group treatments and special events. All treatments include a dip in Lake Åsunden and use of the sauna.

Excellent food with a breathtaking view

Combine your stay with a visit to the restaurant, also housed in the cold-water bathing facility at the end of the pier, where you can enjoy delicious food in an exquisite setting overlooking Ulricehamn. The restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday and can seat 50 guests. There is a conference room for hire on the upper floor.

Traditional cold-water bathing location

Ulricehamn’s current cold-water bathing facility was built in 2008, although it has had two predecessors, the first of which was built more than 100 years ago. Due to its enormous popularity, there was a great deal of wear and tear and a second bathing facility was opened in 1909. This was made possible through the untiring efforts of the Friends of Ulricehamn society.


Contact information

Ulricehamns Kallbadhus

Ågatan 12

523 37 Ulricehamn

Phone: +46 72 54 16 574

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