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Photographer: Frömans Brygga

Frömans Brygga
Trädet, Ulricehamn

Sauna, hot tub, crayfish netting and accommodation. Close to bike and hiking trails.

Lie down in the hammock and enjoy the chirping of birds.

Fröman's Bridge

Frömans Brygga/Bridge is beautifully situated at our lovely pond. Here you can lie down in the hammock and enjoy the chirping of birds, the quiet of our little boat or swim a lap while the trouts jump around. If you are freezing, you can take a sauna first, maybe you have booked the hot tub also to further enhance the bathing experience.

Two steps to the water, in privacy, with every bit of luxury to add to the experience.


Just 500 meters from Frömans Brygga goes Ätradalsleden, the old railway between Falköping and Falkenberg is asphalt and has been converted into a pedestrian and cycle path. Why not take a bicycle tour and enjoy refreshments at "Basta Kvarn" in Blidsberg (8km)? Or turn the handlebars to the north and learn more about the stone, iron and bronze age at Ekehagen prehistoric village (8 km).


Two kilometers east of Frömans Bridge will find the clearly marked Redvägsleden where you can hike in typical Ätradals terrain, sometimes just along the river Ätran. In Dalum (13km) you can trek the Dalum Trail.


Of course you can swim in our pond. Beach with diving towers are located  in the Flatasjön, south of Dalum (15 km).


Buy a fishing license at Basta Kvarn in Blidsberg or Ica Evaldsson in Åsarp and go fishing in the river Ätran (500m) or the lake Lönnern (12 km) for example.


You are able to stay at Frömans Brygga in three ways. Frömans Brygga Sovloft ( loft ) or Sjöstugan ( Sea cabin ) or you bring your own tent. 


Contact information

Frömans Brygga

Mellan Solbergavägen 15 och 17

520 26 Trädet

Phone: +46 766 00 29 50

E-mail: Send e-mail

Website: fromansbrygga.se