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Photographer: Emma Augustsson

Baljåsen nature reserve

The highest point in Dalsland

Three hiking trails lead to the highest point in Dalsland - Baljåsen, 302 meters above sea level. The hiking trails have varying degrees of difficulty and length. At Baljåsen's highest point there is a simple cabin with a TC and 3 bunks where you can sleep or take a rest.

Hiking trails to the top

1. Baljåsen the orange trail - Start from the parking lot at Petersborg, and Björndalsberget to Baljåsen cabin. Nice views. Difficulty: Tough. Length: 1.7 km.

2. Baljåsen through the white trail - Walk from Petersborg to Klöverudsåsen and turn to the orange trail, which goes to Baljåsen. The trail goes through a valley formation. Difficulty: Moderate. Length: 1.8 km

3. Toppstugan - If you want to choose a simple trail to the top cabin on Baljåsen, walk pass Petersborg via the 600 m road and then turn left at the sign Baljåsen. Difficulty: Moderate. Length: 2.5 km.

Other trails in the area

The blue trail - From Petersborg to the viewpoint of "Åmåls granen". Difficulty: Moderate. Length: 2.8 km.

The orange trail - From Petersborg to the viewpoint of Åmålsberget. Difficulty: Tough. Length: 2.1 km.

The white trail - Start from Petersborg. At the trail you pass the croft ruin of Södra Björndalen. Nice views of Edslan. Difficulty: Easy. Length 2.5 km.

The yellow trail - From Petersborg to Ängebytjärnet, a lake popular for sport fishing. Windbreaks, TC. Difficulty: Easy. Length: 2.6 km.

Please take the regulations of the reserve into account

Map over the area

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