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Photographer: Gaby Karlsson Hain

Baståsen nature reserve

A steep hike in rich hardwood forests

Baståsen nature reserve consists of a steep slope, covered with broad-leaved forest all the way down to the lake Ärr. The name Baståsen originates from when the area was used for collection of raffia (in Swedish: Bast). The 4.8 hectare small reserve has a lot of botanical values, due to the slopes and the sensitive flora the area maintains. Caution is advised to all hikers.

Baståsen is also one of the richest places in Dalsland for mollusk that lives on land, and many of these species, especially those who are rare, need long continuity of their environment and are sensitive to changes in the ecosystem.

Hiking trails 

A small parking lot and an information board connected to Sörknatten nature reserve are found 400 meters south of Baståsen.

The Baståsen trail - The trail starts from the common parking lot for the northern entrance of Sörknatten and the Baståsen trail. Large parts of the trail will take you along the lake Ärr. Length: about 6 km. Difficulty: Light / Moderate. Yellow marks.

Predikstolen - The path is signposted from the Baståsen trail. Nice views of the lakes Ärr and Ånimmen. Length: about 1 km. Difficulty: Strong. Blue marks.

Please take the regulations of the reserve into account!

Map of the area

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