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Photographer: Christiane DIetz


The geographical centre of Dalsland

Bäckefors is a little village in the geographical centre point of the landscape Dalsland. Here, about 30 km south of the principal village Bengtsfors, 750 persons live.

The ruins of the iron manufactury in Bäckefors (english link) clearly show the influences of iron processing in Dalsland as a main industry from the early 19th century in Sweden. Along with the creek you’ll find the old smithies, coal houses, saw and mill. The well stuffed local history and folklore museum (swedish link) tells you not only about the iron industry, but the people who lived with it. For example you might have a closer look at the old classroom to get an impression of former pupils life in Dalsland. In the ancient worker lodgings modern appartements have been installed, which you can hire as youth hostel rooms (swedish link).

Even the church from the 17th century, situated southeast of the village, testifies with its iron grave decorations on the cemetery on the iron influences from the manufactory.

The lakes Marsjöarna are a water system connected by canals. Here you find beautiful, lonely bathing shores and the lakes are known as excellent fishing waters. Fishing licences can be purchased at the tourist office in Bengtsfors. Further more, in the outskirts you are given the possibility to walk on several different hiking paths.

There is a food shop, some little shops, a bank and a pizzeria in the village. Outside the village, Dalslands sjukhus, a little hospital is situated. In case of emergency you can be taken care of by a doctor there.

Bäckefors is even a centre for the local public transport.