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The most artistic village in Bengtsfors municipality

Dals Långed is situated twenty kilometres south of Bengtsfors, including the parts Steneby, Långbron, Mustadfors, tisselskog and Högsbyn. Here about 1700 persons live all the year round. 

In Dals Långed you can find a basic supply of shops and dining places. There are several hiking tracks and interesting nature reserves.

The village is characterized by a long tradition of art and handcraft. Several artists live here, as a silver smith, smiths, painters and textile artists as well as designers. Stenebyskolan, located in the heart of Dals Långed, is a part of the university of Gothenburg, providing education in artistic handcraft in wooden, metal and textile art.

Therefore Dals Långed is well-attended during the yearly arranged art tour through Dalsland (konstvandring i Dalsland) which starts on Ascention Day in may and continues until sunday.

 At Lästviks säteri (Swedish link) you could find much a bargain searching for handcraft and art.

The Dalslands kanal leads through Dals Långed and there are guest harbours at Baldersnäs, in Långbron and in Mustadfors. 

Surrounded by beautiful nature on a peninsula about three kilometres north of Långbron the manour of Baldersnäs is situated. In its garden there are many rare broad-leaf trees and a little playground. Beautiful handcraft is sold in one of the  old buildings. Baldersnäs offers decent dining and accomodation in hotel as well as hostel standard. Here you can even stay with your camper.

Are you interested in more or less challenging activities, try out Dalslands Aktiviteter in Steneby, in the north of Dals Långed. Test the adventure of the long zip line or go on a horse riding trip. If you want to hire a canoe, you can do it in several places in Dals Långed.

The ancient rock carvings in Högsbyn, in the southeast of Dals Långed, are from the bronze age. They are the oldest and most remarkable ancient monuments in the landscape Dalsland. The rock carvings are beautifully situated in an old cultural landscape, typically close to the water, in this case the strand of lake Råvarpen. In the area there is also a little museum about living in the bronzeage, only open in summer season.

Also you should attend the Falkholts gestgifveri restaurant in Steneby, famous for its local food of highest quality, member of the White Guide.