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Photographer: Åsa Carlsson


Bengtsfors part with the "go"

Skåpafors, situated about 10 km east of the central village Bengtsfors, is a little village, where 400 persons live. The place is found on both sides of the road 164 to Åmål.

A lot of beautiful nature marks the village with the lake Laxsjön and its outrageous fishing waters and bathing possibilities. The old mill is reopened as a summer café with view over lake Laxsjön and its surroundings.

Byalaget Laxarby (Swedish link), which is the local society for history, folklore and geography in Laxarby, organizes every second year an ancient 1900 century market, well known even far from Bengtsfors municipality. The genuine market feeling is created by actors and salesmen dressed in authentic clothes. The merchandise is to be handcraft or house made, often traditional food.

At the time the market is going on, all area between the mill and the open air dance floor Bergevi is kept free of traffic. The market takes place a whole weekend in august. On saturday evening you have the chance to see celebrating Swedes: a big consert with a well known swedish band will hotten them up.

The inviting bathing place beneath the church on top of lake Laxsjön is taken care of by the local byalaget on a non-profit base.