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Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Bengtsbrohöljens Fishing area

Fishing district in the center of Bengtsfors.

A popular fishing area south of the Bengtsfors center and a part of the Dalslands kanal.

Bengtsbrohöljens fishing district is located in Bengtsfors community. The fishing license applies only in Bengtsbrohöljen, whose southern fishing limit is 200 m north of the railway bridge at the 20th lock of the Dalslands canal. Fishing in flowing water as well as fishing at the power station in Bengtsfors is not allowed.

  • Including: Bengtsbrohöljen, Upper Höljen and Lower Höljen.
  • Fish species: Pike, perch, roach, whitefish, burbot, eel, trout, rainbow trout.

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Tourist Office Bengtsfors: +46(0)531-52 63 55


  • day 20 kr / person
  • year 80 kr / family
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