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Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Campsite 74 Storön Syd - Västra Silen

A part of the lake system Dalsland Nordmarken

Storön Syd-Västra Silen in Dalsland - Nordmarken lake system is located on an island, about 4 km northeast of the lock in Gustavsfors. Vammerviken camping site is about 1 km northwest. The shop ICA Optimisten in Gustavsfors is about a 400 m walk from the lock.


Fire pits: 2

Toilets: 1

Wind shelters: 1 

Closest campsites: no 75 Storön Öst and no 76 Storön Väst 


There are over a hundred campsites in the Dalsland Nordmarken lake system. The DANO non-profit association has invested in these to protect our fragile natural environment and to give visitors the best experience possible. The flora and fauna of the area and the requests of landowners have been taken into consideration in the selection of the campsites. Most of the campsites have wind shelters and all have permanent fire pits and organic toilets. Most of the campsites have wood for our guests to use. The wood usually needs to be cut and split. Please note that the wood may only be used in the existing and approved fire pits available at each site. This service is funded through the sale of Nature Conservation Cards. 

Nature Conservation Cards

The Nature Conservation Cards gives you the right to use the services of the lake system. Nature Conservation Cards can be purchased online here, at canoe rentals, or at one of our tourist offices.

Staying at a campsite cannot be compared with staying on a campground. Campsites are surrounded by nature and by staying here; you agree to be on nature's terms. The purchase of a Nature Conservation Card does not mean you have made a reservation for a certain campsite or shelter. These cannot be reserved and you may only stay one night at the same place. In addition to shelters, most campsites also have a few tent sites.


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Get ready for an unforgettable experience on the Dalsland Nordmarken waters! More information at www.dalslandnordmarken.se/en/

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