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  • Photographer: Christiane DIetz

  • Photographer: Christiane DIetz

  • Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Lysetjärn Fishing area

Put and take waters in Bengtsfors

The fishing season in the Lake Lysetjärn, Stortjärn and Hagtjärn is from the 2nd Friday in May (20:00) until 31/10. The lakes are located east of Bengtsfors and in the northern part of Dalsland. The three put & take lakes offer you a varied fishing that suits all ages and practitioners.

Game fish are planted regularly in all the lakes. Hagtjärn also has over the years become a great lake for very large perch. It is not unusual to catch perch over a kilo! All anglers (young and old) need to buy fishing licenses and respect the rules that we have. In an effort to make the license checks easier, a plastic pouch is delivered with the Fishing license, and it must be visibly worn by the angler. This applies to both members, and those that buy daily / weekly cards. Officers will check frequently.

  • Including lakes:  Lysetjärn, Stortjärn and Hagtjärn
  • Fish species: perch, rainbow trout,  only in Lake Lysetjärn and Lake Stortjärn: brown trout, char
  • Lysetjärn: only spin and fly fishing
  • Stortjärn - spin, fly as well as mete
  • Hagtjärn - spin, fly as well as mete
  • Only fishing with hand tools - one rod /card is allowed.
  • Max one salmony fish per card and day in Lysetjärn, Stortjärn and Hagtjärn together.
  • No fishing by boat, kayak, canoe, SUP or similar craft!
  • However, floating is allowed!
  • NOTE! All mete as well as fishing throwing / floating / bottomsink is forbidden!

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Bengtsfors Turistbyrå

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Phone: +46 531 52 63 55

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