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Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Nilssons Bod

Antiksafari partner

A very nice selection of newer and older bargains and also their own handicrafts are in Nilssons Bod in their garden.

In central Bengtsfors

From the center just a short walk up and on the way to the railway station - there in a garden you will find Nilssons Bod. You will find a selection of younger and older bargains and also handicrafted outdoor wooden furniture, silvercrafts and orniments made in concrete.


Open spring/summer from May 1st.



/Malin & Christer Nilsson


Nilssons bod is a partner of antiksafari.com!

Contact information

Nilssons Bod Loppis & Hantverk

Thorsellgatan 6

666 30 Bengtsfors

Phone: +46 73 435 33 67