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Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Steneby Hemslöjd
Dals Långed

Steneby Handcraft has his shop in the granary "Rian" on Baldersnäs.

You can find an wide range of local handicraft products of high quality. The building "Rian" is from the mid 1800's.

Halm- Textile- Wood-Forged Ceramics

Textile products such as Towels, Runners, Blankets and Blankets from our Swedish fabrics, Ekelunds Linneväveri, Klässbol, Insjön and Klippan. A wide range of items from these weaving goods in the store.

Welcome to visit Steneby Hemslöjd at BaldersnäsHerrgård, located 4 km south of Dals Långed.

Contact information

Steneby Hemslöjd

Kvarnlyckevägen 42

66010 Dals Långed

Phone: +46 531 412 77