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  • Photographer: Dals-Eds Båtklubb

Dals-Ed Guest harbour

Marina on the southern tip of Lake Stora Lee, close to Dals-Ed.

Dals-Ed's guest harbor is at the southern end of Stora Le. Located in a quiet location and the distance to Ed's center is less than 3 km. Here you can shop, eat, or visit the MC museum.


Port Depth is 1-6 meters and there are ten guest spots. Kaj delivery of fuel (diesel) and gasoline by agreement. Mooring - buoy / long side. Host is Dals-Ed's boat club.  
Harbour contact:  Vidar Simensen;  Tel. +46 (0)767-811058;  E-mail: vidar@debk.se


At the harbour there is a service and workshop for boats and engines as well as boat accessories. Ramp, Fuel, Electric outlet, Latrinsug, Fresh water, Toilet, Shower, and Recycling station. Possibility of qiute parking and overnightstay for motorhome / caravan (fee 200 sek/night).

Harbor cafe

Many guests visit the harbor café. Members, tourists and locals are coming over to the coffee place in Ed's marina. Guests can enjoy the peace and quietness, and the beautiful view over Stora Lee.

Contact information

Dals-Eds Gästhamn

Bälnäsvägen 3A

668 30 Dals-Ed

Phone: +46 763189 648

E-mail: info@debk.se

Website: debk.se