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Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Hostel Dals-Ed

Accommodation in Dals-Ed

The hostel in Dals-Ed has 24 beds divided into 6 rooms. It has a ramp, room and also toilet for disabled people.

When you visit the STF hostel in Dals-Ed you will find both nature and activities nearby. Such as the Natioalpark Trestiklan, Ed's MC and Motor Museum, Moosranche 1 km from the hostel, Sports facilities and sport fishing 1 km, Kanotcenter o Guest harbor, Nature reserve m.m.

  • The Dals-Ed hostel has 24 beds divided into 6 rooms.
  • Ramp and room and also wc for disabled people.
  • Non-smoking.
Contact information

Vandrarhemmet Ed

Strömstadsvägen 18

668 31 Dals-Ed

Phone: +46 534 101 91

Website: vandrarhemmet-ed.com