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  • Photographer: Christiane Dietz

  • Photographer: Christiane Dietz

  • Photographer: Christiane Dietz


Come and play...

The playgrounds in Dals-Ed should be safe and attractive to both residents and visitors. The are asy to find and invite to play by offering different themes.

In 2017 the municipality's playgrounds were inspected and in the survey it was found that the playgrounds have major shortcomings in performance and safety. In order to remedy these shortcomings, and to maintain security and attractiveness, we need to review the issue at large and the proposal is for a number of playgrounds to be settled in favor of a few well-maintained playgrounds. All playgrounds must have an information board showing the area, coordinates and address. There must be a maintenance plan that is followed to maintain safety and attractiveness.

 The following playgrounds are suggested to keep:

  • Fornstigan
  • Bygdesmedsvägen
  • Terassparken
  • Centralbadplatsen
  • Sågtjärn
  • Håbol 

Map with all palygrounds in Dals-Ed.

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E-mail: http://www.dalsed.se/

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