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Photographer: Daniel Philipson

Grebbans Nöjesrestaurang

A sparkling evening in another environment!

Show, dance, food and lots of joy are served by singing waitresses. Experience Grebbans Entertainment Restaurant! The restaurants rural location, just outside Hjo and with close proximity to major cities (Skövde and Jönköping) is perfect for your party.

Grebbans Nöjesrestaurang will help you with your next entertainment arrangements. Grebban's mission is to unite the show, singing, dancing, food and environment in a unique concept. A joyful experience and an unforgettable evening just for you and your party. End the evening in their cozy pub or dance away at the disco floor.

Evenings for the public

Any night of the month they open the restaurant for dinner reservations. Keep an eye on the calendar and on their website for current dates for their popular evenings for the public. Christmas show every year in late November and throughout December - only reservations.

Contact information

Grebbans Nöjesrestaurang

Kapellvägen 26

544 92 Hjo

Phone: +46 730 314 407

E-mail: info@grebbans.se

Website: grebbans.se/