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Photographer: Jesper Anhede

Gunilla about ceramics

  • 12 Dec, 2020

In Hjo we have a long tradition of arts and crafts.

The annual art weekend, which takes place around Whitsun, is testament to this. Over the course of this weekend, more than 70 artists and craftspeople display their work around Hjo. The exhibition itself is in the Cultural Centre. You can also meet many artists and craftspeople in their own studios and shops during the rest of the year. One of them is Gunilla Sander, a traditional potter, who has been making various everyday objects for over 40 years. Together with three other crafts specialists – glass artist Ann Lönn, silversmith Sofia Svensson and Tibro Glas – she runs the arts and crafts shop Amanda Konsthantverk in the square in Hjo. You can also see exhibitions on other local artists in the Cultural Centre during the year or check out the Cultural Centre’s shop, where several craftspeople are represented.