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Female store owner standing outside her shop in Hjo with flowers in her hands.

Photographer: Jesper Anhede

Marie about shopping

Vita Ranunkler - the interior and lifestyle shop that started as a blog!

It’s the personal touch that’s key for Marie Svensson, who runs the interior and lifestyle shop Vita Ranunkler in Hjo. And this is what she thinks makes all of Hjo’s shops stand out.

“There’s so much in this little town, and the shops truly complement each other with a wide range. You won’t find the big chain stores here. Instead we have small, unique shops that sell from the heart and have concepts all of their own.” Visitors come from all over Sweden to Marie’s own shop, Vita Ranunkler, which started off as a blog, to browse the beautiful items, furniture, jewellery, flowers, fabrics and things that Marie likes – things that lie close to her heart, rather than things that follow a temporary fad. She also wants to inspire others to re-use items by selling on old things to give them a new home, or by showing her customers how they can use things in a new way. “Why not turn an old cotton flour sack into a pillowcase?” There are several places in Hjo where you can “shop green” by picking up a second-hand bargain from one of the flea markets or antique shops. Or why not buy soap made in Hjo or locally sourced food? You’ll find all of our shops at www.visithjo.se.