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Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Cycling on South Koster

Discover a fantastic part of the Bohuslän archipelago

These are Sweden´s most westerly populated islands. Most of North and South Koster is a nature reserve and the flora and fauna is protected. Once on the Kosters, you’ll see small fishing villages surrounded by an amazingly beautiful landscape, with many different plants and flowers. There are many cosy restaurants on South Koster, each with varying menus. These are spread all over the island and you are never far from one.


There are two Koster Islands, North – and South Koster, located 45 minutes from the town Strömstad. South Koster is the biggest; here the best way to get around is by walking or cycling.

Down load biking map

For those of you that want to experience this fantastic island by way of a bicycle, we have compiled short route description on recommended bicycle routes. You can also use the Koster map to plan your own route.

You can also bring your own bike with you on the Koster ferry for a fee.

Getting here

The passenger ferry departs from the Square in central Strömstad, Ångbåtskajen 1 (opposite the Tourist Office). On South Koster you can get off att Långegärde, Ekenäs or Kilesand. For more information about the Koster ferry, timetable and ticket see their website>>

Ekenäs – Långagärde
Length 4 km

Start cycling westward on the island's only paved stretch, until reaching The Square (Torget). Look for the sign there that leads you on the continued tour onto the gravel road up to Långagärde. You'll ride past The Koster Gardens and Koster:s Church. And please do not miss taking the stairs up to the top of the peak of Valfjäll where the panorama view is fantastic. Here you can sit and gaze out over the Koster archipelago and all the waters surrounding ilands are part of Kosterhavets National Park, which was created in 2009 as Sweden´s first protected marine sanctuary. 

To discover: The rare tree The Large Leafed Lime or Linden (Bohuslinden) is found at Ekenäs, see signs at the tennis court by Solkoster. Naturum (Kosterhavets Information Center), The Smokehouse (Kosters Rökeri) and the islands only hotel with outdoor seating are also located at Ekenäs. At Långagärde there are several small restaurants.

Detours: At Rörvik, known as one of Swedens top beaches, swimming is possible also on a special snorkel line path.

Långagärde – Kilesand
Length 5 km

From the port of Långagärde begin cycling south towards The Square (Torget). Once here, continue towards Kilesand (this road is visibly signed). Along this route you are able to make many detours, both on foot and on bike. At Kilesand there is a restaurant and a beautiful sandy beach.

Detours: Do not miss the viewpoint Ramnefjäll and the seaside meadows at Breviks bay with cozy picnic tables and picturesque ocean views.

Bicycle Rental

There are opportunities to rent a bike for the whole family at all the ports on South Koster and you do not need to pre-book. 
Pickup here – Leave there; rent a bike at the port of Ekenäs and drop it off at Långagärde. Or the other way around. Simple & convenient!


Contact information

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