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Photographer: Roger BorgelidWestsweden.com

Paddling on the border

Would you like to have a different type of holiday right in the heart of nature? The border region between Østfold in Norway and Dalsland and Bohuslän in Sweden is ideal for kayak or canoe paddling. Calm seas among the skerries, beautiful lakes and exciting canals – the border region has everything! 

Paddling on the border – holiday fun in nature

There is of course also much more to see and do in combination with your paddling trip. To learn more about the different destinations in the border region, use the links on the page or contact one of our tourist offices.

In a canoe or kayak you feel like one with the water. There is no better way to experience nature! And using your own strength to glide across the water is a satisfying physical feeling everyone should have the chance to enjoy.

In the border regions you will find nature in its many varieties, and the rental companies offer paddling adventures for all ages and skill levels. Whatever your level of experience, the professional canoe and kayak adventure companies will provide safe and exciting paddling adventures in lakes, canals or along the beautiful coast. This is a unique experience as you can freely cross the national borders – whether you are in the border region between Kosterhavet and Ytre Hvaler national parks, in the Iddefjord or, for example, on Stora Lee or Korn lakes.

Get ready for a holiday adventure that will take you into new territory and give you a completely unique holiday experience, with your senses wide open and your body calm and relaxed…

Photographer: Lukasz Warzecha

The world’s most beautiful archipelago

Did you know that Bohuslän has been named the seventh most beautiful wilderness area by CNN? In a kayak or canoe all this beauty can be experienced right up and close. On the Østfold side, paddling adventures are offered on the sea, you can either have a customized paddling package or put together your own. Guided tours with an ocean-going kayak are popular in both Sweden and Norway, and many types of group activities are offered, such as visiting the fantastic Ytre Hvaler and Kosterhavets national parks. This interconnected national park area is also the first trans-national marine national park in Scandinavia. With a wealth of species there will be no lack of things to experience, both on and under the water.
Incidentally, did you know that the area Koster islands and Hvaler are one of the sunniest places in respectively Sweden and Norway  That means many lovely sunny hours on the water!

Photographer: HENRIK TRYGG

Majestic lakes

On both sides of the border you have forest landscapes dotted with majestic lakes, many of which offer paddling adventures. Paddling on a lake is a truly family-oriented activity for all skill levels. Many places offer guides or starter courses, and it can also be a good idea to ask the locals about the best paddling routes. Dalsland is the region in Sweden with the most lakes, and the DANO lake system has developed an infrastructure for paddling tourism with dedicated camping sites. This enables you to find the best places to stay the night – with little disturbance to animal life.

Photographer: Minto Tingvall

Historical canals

Paddling in a canal is an incredibly exciting way to combine history and nature. The canals on both sides of the border have more than 150 years of history, so you can explore culture, history and animal life along the banks. Both the Halden and Dalsland canals have a good selection of rental companies ready to equip you with a canoe or kayak. Along the canals you can encounter beavers, moose and eagles, you can visit a canal museum and stop to eat and enjoy exquisite local dishes. When night comes you can choose to sleep in a tent, a lean-to, camping cabins, stately mansions or unique glass houses. Negotiating the locks in a canoe or kayak is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. If you like to fish, you are going to enjoy yourself here! Fish abound in the waters – just make sure you have a fishing license.
In Bengtsfors in Dalsland you can even combine your paddling with travelling by a railway trolley; paddle one way and pedal the trolley back.

Down load the folder Paddling on the border which provides a a map of thr region and a list of companies that offer guided kayak trips and courses, and rentals in Bohuslän, Dalsland and Østfold.

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