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Forshems Gästgivaregård

Exciting culinary exploits at one of Sweden's oldest inns

Welcome to exciting culinary exploits with a gourmet dinner or a Christmas buffet at one of Sweden's oldest inns. Forshems Gästgivaregård is in the village of Forshem in Kinnekulle, very close to Forshems church. Meals with a focus on local ingredients and food traditions.

Ingredients collected from the surrounding area

Forshems Gästgivargård has developed into one of West Sweden's most exciting places in terms of food and environment. The inn at Forshems strives to celebrate local food traditions.

The restaurant is certified by A Taste of West Sweden. This certification is reserved for restaurants, producers and farm shops which offer sustainable and genuine west Swedish products and dining, all based on local seasonal produce. This means that the ingredients used in the inn's restaurant are taken from the surrounding district as much as possible. The game meat comes from Kinnekulle, the fish from Vänern, the vegetables, fruit, berries and mushrooms from the forest and local growers.


Prize-winning restaurant

The International Slowfood Movement nominated the inn for an award and a diploma in 2004. Forshems Gästgivargården is the second restaurant in Sweden to be given such an award by the organisation. It is also rated as one of the 160 best inns in the White Guide and has been given additional awards such as the Western Swedish Academy of Gastronomy's Great Prize.


Forshems Gästgivaregård is part of the network A taste of West Sweden. The network gathers restaurants and cafes that, in close collaboration with local producers, offer West Swedish culinary experiences based on seasonal and local ingredients.

Activities at Forshems Gästgivaregård

If you are interested in doing something different while you are on Kinnekulle, Forshems Gästgivaregård proposes several activities with local organisers. Fireside wood carving, photo-journalism and cooking classes are just a few examples. Book the activities in advance by calling Forshems Gästgivaregård.

Contact information

Forshems Gästgivaregård


53394 Hällekis

Phone: +46 501 420 55

E-mail: info@forshem.se

Website: forshem.se