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Hiking in Dalsland

Discover Dalsland on foot

To hike in Dalsland is to walk for hours on our mountains and enjoy expansive views. To go deep into the forest and walk pass lakes and ruins from old crofts. Jump on the cliffs in the archipelago or walk 100 km through the landscape and follow in the footsteps of ancient pilgrims. There are lots of new hikes and trails to discover. 

Hiking experiences

Book a hiking experience with a soft bed, nice food and hiking of course! Everything you need to explore the nature in Dalsland by foot.

Hiking Trails

Here you will find information and maps of Dalsland's best hiking trails. So that you can find a trail with the right length that suits you.

You decide what your hike should be

Hiking does not have to be complicated. 2 km in your leisure shoes with some coffee in the backpack can be as magical as a 50 km hike with a tent.

Stay by the Pilgrim trail

Hike long or short on the Pilgrim Trail and stay in the unique hotel - Upperud 9:9.


With its many nature reserves and trails, Kroppefjäll is becoming a distinctive hiking destination. On each side of the mountain you will find nice accommodation and trails that will last for days.

Tips for your hike

  • Use good shoes adapted for the season that has been worn in. 
  • Always dress in layers. 
  • Use long trousers. They protect against mosquitoes, scratches and small wounds.
  • Use sunscreen and a hat. Even in cloudy weather.

Things to put in your backpack

  • Water and some food, even on short hikes.
  • Extra pair of socks so you can change if your feet gets wet.
  • A bag for your trash. Keep the nature clean! 
  • Clothes for rainy weather.

For safety bring a:

  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • Matches
  • First aid kit

Do not leave the trail without map and compass and the knowledge to use them.