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Photographer: Stefan Svensson

Swedish culture

From abbey ruins to historic towns.


Kata gård church runis
Discover the place where archeologists have found one of Sweden’s oldest churches. Inside the beautiful superstructure rests the skeleton of the woman who named the place, together with findings that give us a new view on Sweden’s history.

Bjertorp Slott jugend castle
In 1911 the architect Ferdinand Boberg, who has drawn Rosenbad and NK in Stockholm, was asked if he wanted to draw an impressive private residence for Knut Henrik Littorin. Three years later the castle was finished; built by the most skilled craftsmen in Europe, and by the best materials that were to be found. It was made by Swedish marble and oak, granite from Bohuslän and limestone from Falköping.

Vallby Sörgård cultural reserve
Vallby Sörgården is the only cultural reserve in Skaraborg. Visit a real farm from the 19th century and take part in activities typical for that era during the summer months. You can also follow the cultural path that takes you on a tour in the landscape rich in ancient monuments.

Forsviks bruk industrial heritage
There has been industrial activity in Forsvik since the Middle Ages. In the middle of the 19th century a mechanic workshop was built, and Forsvik became the region’s first engineering industry. Today you can visit the works and learn about the history, from the first steps until today. Forsvik’s lock is located just outside and was the first one that was built along the Göta Canal.

Läckö Slott baroque castle
Läckö Castle is a beautiful baroque castle, dramatically located on a headland in Lake Vänern. During the summer you can go on a guided tour and learn about the interesting history of the castle. You can also see opera performances or visit ghost evenings at the castle.

Cultural center Hjo
If you are interested in design you can visit the cultural center Kulturkvarteret and the exhibition about Estrid Ericson who founded the company Firma Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm in 1924. Estrid grew up in Hjo, and at Kulturkvarteret you can visit the exhibition about her, along with other exhibitions about Hjo’s history.

Löfwings Ateljé art studio
At Löfwings art studio you can see nature inspired paintings by Göran Löfwing. He has also painted nature motives on both walls and floors in the restaurant and the café.

Kata gård in Skara.

Husaby church and bishop castle
The church, the bishop’s castle and the spring in Husaby tell us the story about the time of Sweden’s Christianising 1000 years ago. Here you can walk around the genuine environment and enjoy the view towards the plains.

Historic wooden town Hjo
The wooden town Hjo is one of three unique wooden towns in Sweden. Experience the well preserved award winning town in the old parts around the square and in the park Hjo Stadspark.

Karlsborgs fortress
The building process of the mighty fortress at Vanäs point in lake Vättern was started in 1819. The construction time was planned to be 10 years, but in the end it took 90. Today it is a sight that suits the whole family – the adventure awaits at Karlsborgs Fortress no matter what your age is!

The blue orange - art piece
The station building in Vara has with its art piece The Blue Orange become a sight that really lingers on your mind. The Blue Orange is made by the german artist Katharina Grosse and consists of the blue station building and the space boulders that are placed on the building and in its surroundings.

Galleri Sandström art studio
The couple Sandström work with mixed media and sculpture/raku. They show their own art, arrange exhibitions and have a showroom with work from hand picked artists in their gallery. Their art is represented in art galleries around Sweden, Europe and USA.

Qvarnstensgruvan Lugnås
Follow the guide underground and hear stories about lives and work in old mines and quarries at the table mountain Lugnåsberget. There is also a small museum and a café as well as beautiful nature to enjoy. Open daily during the summer.

The old town and church Mariestad 
One of Sweden’s best kept city cores with buildings from mainly the 18th and 19th centuries. The church and the wooden houses on Näset all tell a story of the older history of the town. Guided tours during the summer.

Vara concert hall
On the plains of Skaraborg, in the center of west Sweden, you will find Vara Konserthus. Seeing to content it is one of Sweden’s largest houses for concerts, cultural life and conferences. Every spring and autumn you can take part of a new program with everything from classical music, dance and jazz to theater, stand-up and musicals.

Turbinhusön cultural environment 
Turibinhusön is a well kept idyllic cultural environment in the middle of Tidaholm by the river Tidan. Here you can have a coffee in the 19th century setting at the café, visit the smiths cottages, see the handicraft in the old warehouse or visit the art gallery in the old turbine building.

Skara cathedral
The trademark of Skara, the proud double tower of the cathedral, can be seen from afar. The beautiful mosaic windows by Bo Beskow, the roman stone relief pictures from the 12th century and Soop’s maosoleum are a few of the highligts to see in the church.

Skövde cultural center
Skövde Kulturhus from 1964 was drawn by the architect Hans-Erland Heineman. It became the first cultural center in Sweden and gathers both art museum, library, theatre and a cinema – all under the same roof!

Tibro glass workshop
Try glassblowing in the old station building in Tibro. In the rustic environment you can try it yourself or buy hand blown glass art and interior design from different brands.

Reconstruction of Södra råda old church
In 2001 a unique Swedish cultural treasure burned down. Södra Råda old church is once again rebuilt with old techniques, and at the sight you can experience a possible medieval construction sight in full scale. During the summer you can listen to the guide that will tell you the history of the church and the techniques that are used to rebuild it.