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Photographer: Mårten Bergkvist

Tourist routes

A tourist route is a stretch of road that is of special interest for tourists. Along the roads you will often find beautiful nature and interesting cultural experiences. The roads are marked with a brown sign with a white marguerite, so just follow the signage of our two tourist routes in Skaraborg and we promise that you will have a delightful experience!

Kulturväg Skaraborg
Feel the wing of history and enjoy grand nature when you travel along the tourist route Kulturväg Skaraborg. It stretches from Karleby outside of Falköping, past ancient monuments and abbey ruins, passing Lake Hornborga and its rich birdlife, through Varnhem and the Valle area. Furhtermore it goes through beautiful valleys and steep mountain slopes and ends in Tidan outside of Skövde where you can experience anything from fleamarkets to ancient monuments. The road is suitable for both a bikeride and a roadtrip, and is a more pleasant alternative for anyone who is travelling through the area in a north/south direction.

Vänerslingan is both a country road and a lakeside road along the south west shores of Lake Vänern. Along this – for many unknown – stretch of road you will find a beautiful nature with many hidden gems, sights and points of interest. Explore arts and crafts, old churches, museums, nature reserves, walking trails, swimming spots and much more. This tourist route is a good option for anyone who wants to go on a more picturesque road than the large road number 44.

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