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Photographer: Anders Jonsson Södra Bohuslän Turism

Kayak from Kajaktiv Tjörn
Rönnäng, Tjörn

Kayaking in Bohusläns beautiful archipelago

In Bohuslän there is fantastic kayaking for young and old, beginners and professionals. Our archipelago offers sheltered conditions with plenty of beach breaks. You will find bustling quayside activity at Bleket on Tjörn and from here you can take a trip to the small, car-free island of Åstol.

Quick Facts

Distance: 22 km (12 Nautical miles).

Length: Full day with rest stops.

Suitable for: Experienced kayakers or beginners in good weather.

Conditions: Partly sheltered, partly open water requiring calm weather, max 4-5 m/s.


Kayaking on Tjörn

Outside Rönnäng on Tjörn there are good kayaking waters. This tour takes you east with start and finish at Kajaktiv in Bleket. The tour is suitable for calm seas with no more than a light breeze as the tour goes over open water with boat traffic.

Start at the kayak pier at Kajaktiv where you can also rent your kayak. Right next to Kajaktiv is the fantastic little sourdough bakery Lottas Bak & Form where we recommend you stop and buy something delicious for the trip.

The paddling starts in Kajaktiv's calm waters and takes you through channels and past skerries down towards Rönnäng and the Kalvsund strait between Rönnäng and Tjörnekalv. Once through the strait, you cross the open sea towards Åstol. This part can be made a little more challenging if, instead of Kalvsund, you take the seaward side of the island down towards Åstol. 

Ice cream break on Åstol

Kayak all the way into the harbour where there is a good place to get ashore. Here you can refresh yourself with an ice cream on the pier, or something good to eat and drink at the smokehouse, Åstols Rökeri, before the journey continues towards the inner archipelago in Hakefjorden.

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Photographer: Jonas Ingman

From Åstol you continue on past Dyrön and towards the sheltered island of Kärrsön with narrow straits and inlets. This is another good spot to take a break. Continue towards the sandy beaches on the pretty little island Katten.

From here you take the same route back to Bleket and Kajaktiv.


To finish your day with good food and a comfortable night just choose one of the several restaurants and hotels in the area. 

Rent a Kayak


Route information

22 km (12 nautical miles)

Approximate time:
Full day with rest stops.

Partly sheltered, partly open water requiring calm weather, max 4-5 m/s.

Take note:
Remember to take drinking water and life vest along with mobile phone and extra clothes in a waterproof bag or container.

Check the current weather forecast with your rental company before setting off.

If you have previous kayaking experience and know rescue procedures, we recommend that you rent a kayak and explore our beautiful archipelago. If you have no previous experience we strongly recommend that you start with a beginner’s course before heading out.

The degree of difficulty is largely dependent on the wind. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • 1-3 m/s: Light breeze
  • 4-6 m/s: Gentle breeze
  • 7-9 m/s: Fresh breeze
  • 10-12 m/s: Strong breeze
  • 13- m/s: High wind (not recommended)

Suitable for:
Experienced kayakers or beginners in good weather.

Start and finish: 
Kajaktiv i Bleket.

Routemap for the kayak tour on Google Maps.



Contact information

Kajaktiv Tjörn AB

Bleketvägen 42

47196 Bleket

Phone: +46 722 06 07 67

E-mail: info@kajaktivtjorn.se

Website: kajaktivtjorn.se