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Photographer: Walter Schøffthaler

Day Trip

Please feel welcomed to pack a picnic basket, take the car for a day and enjoy the scenic Strömstad area. If you have the time, you may even get on a boat for a tour in the neighboring Norway. Below is a list of the eight most popular and interesting destinations!

Havets Hus in Lysekil

Photographer: Andreas Olsson

Here you can meet the eight armed octopus as well as the dotted red shark. All the animals in this house of the sea are local spices from the west coast sea, which might be hard to believe. Get acquainted with them by giving a pat in Klappakvariet, discover the sensation of being surrounded by the sea water in Tunnelakvariet and be surprised by the children's eel grass meadow. Havets Hus is located at the Lysekil's quay-edge. Open daily between February-October and on weekends year around.

Discover Nordens Ark

Photographer: Erik Edvardsson

The zoological nature park at Åby säteri/manor in the middle of the Bohuslän province is set to rescue and preserve animals under the threat of extinction. Most animals have come from places with climates similar to the Nordic area. At Nordens Ark you will find for instance; snow leopard, Amur tiger, Amur leopard, wolf, lynx, wolverine, small panda, and in addition, to birds, frogs and old domestic breeds. Guided tours and activities for children are offered. The park is open every day of the year.www.nordensark.se

Rock Carvings in Vitlycke

Photographer: Vitlycke Museum

In the Tanum World Heritage site you will find the Vitlycke museum which contains information about rock carvings and the Bronze Age (1500-500 B.C.). Moreover, you can visit interesting exhibitions and a reconstructed farm from the Bronze Age. Nearby is a huge area of carvings on flat rocks, Vitlyckehällen, which is one of the biggest in Sweden with exciting and unusual carvings, like the Bridal Couple. Guides and various activities are available in the summer. Open between May and September. www.vitlyckmuseum.se

The Old Town in Fredrikstad

Photographer: Fredrikstad Kommune

The Gamlebyen is the oldest part of the Norwegian town, Fredrikstad, founded in 1567. The area is not only well preserved but also very busy. Along the old narrow cobble stoned streets you'll find shops, galleries and traditional cafés. While taking a stroll you may make a stop at the biggest model railway center in Scandinavia, learn about the local history at Fredrikstad Museum, and perhaps run into the gnome, Tomtenissen, at the NisseNatt-Huset, which is open year around.

Skjærhalden at Hvaler

Photographer: Fotograf Synøve Dreyer

You may fish, swim, eat, sail, canoe, or just relax on stones polished by the sea on the Norwegian island Hvaler, northwest of Strömstad. The most interesting point though is to explore the unique Ytre Hvaler National Park. You may also visit the smaller islands and jump from one island to another by taking the boat M/S Hollungen. Be sure to bring swimsuit, enjoy lunch on a cliff ledge or visit some of the nice cafés. The passenger ferry Veslö can take you from Strömstad in 50 minutes to Skjærhalden all year around.

Fredriksten Fästning in Halden

This is an exciting place on the Norwegian side of Idefjorden for both adults and children. Above the town you see the majestic fortification structure from the 17th century raised out of the rocks. Beside the remnants of the grand fortress you will find the historical museum and a restaurant. Guided tours are offered during the summer season, along with several cultural events as operas, concerts, automobile exhibition, and the popular singsong "Allsang på grensen." www.visithalden.com

Håverud with the Canal System in Dalsland

Photographer: Roger Borgelid

To explore the 250 kilometers network of canals between the biggest lake in Sweden, Vänern and the Norwegian boarder is an experience full of nuances. The aqueduct in Håverud is definitely the historical pearl. Here you can follow the boats passages through the locks closely. The restaurant next to the canal, Brasseriet, specializes in fish dishes but if you're looking for a short break, they'll gladly serve you a good cup of coffee. There is a small but informative museum, several art exhibitions, a glass blower, and a shop for handicrafts.

Ferry tour across Skagerack

Photographer: Didrick Stenersen

In the Norwegian Sandefjord across the sea, you may visit the museum about whaling, Hvalfangstmuseet, which is one of a kind in Europe. There is also a unique collection of 16 sculptures by Knut Steen in Midtåsen Skulpturpaviljon. The Tourist Information, located by the harbor will advice of other places and activities of interests. Bike rental is also available. The ColorLine ferries depart daily from Strömstad, year around. One way takes 2.5 hours.