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Naturum Kosterhavet

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Fun for children

Strömstad and the Koster Islands offer lots of fun activities for children of all ages. Pretend to be a pirate on DaftöLand, fantasise about Vikings among ancient remains and rock carvings, cycle on the Koster Islands, go on a seal safari, or play crazy golf. Popular local attractions are the naturum Kosterhavet and the Tjärnö Aquarium, where you can learn more about life beneath the surface. There are no limits – let your imagination run wild!


Photographer: Halldór Kolbeins

  • Children's theatre and activities at DaftöLand
  • Kosterhavet National Park - The Naturum visitor centre is a stone’s throw from the Ekenäs jetty on South Koster. It has an exhibition with photos, interactive activities and a microscope where you can look at your own beach discoveries. There is also an aquarium here with a touch tank where you can see and feel some of Kosterhavet’s inhabitants.
  • Tjärnö Aquarium. During summer vacation period we welcome the public to this most species-rich aquarium in Sweden. Visitors can also study small living marine organisms in stereo microscope. Two marine biologists are present to answer questions, and give so-called Live presentations about i.e. oysters, lobster, crabs or jelly fishes. Film is shown in the auditorium. Kosterhavet Marine National Park is presented with exhibition. We sell postcards, posters and books.

Photographer: Lovéncentret Tjärnö

More activities for children:

  • Go fishing or seal spotting, boat trips in summer season from (the Square) Norra Hamnen in Strömstad.
  • Dive from the diving towers at Furholmen, Seläterbadet, Hålkedalen and Kallbadhuset.
  • Go on a water slide at Seläterbadet.
  • Swim in an indoor pool at Strömstad Badanstalten or Strömstad Spa.
  • Treasure hunt! Look for interesting flotsam and jetsam. You can find objects from the other side of the world and who knows, perhaps a message in a bottle!
  • The Jungle Playroom at Nordby Shopping Centre - playroom of 1000 sq. m. for children aged 1 - 12, both indoors and outdoors.

Photographer: Halldór Kolbeins

Crab fishing – this is what to do!

Catching crabs from the pier – every child's favourite pastime!
Tie a peg to the end of a piece of string, clip a crushed sea mussel to the peg, lower it into the water by a stony beach and wait.....

Haul in the fishing line once the crab starts eating the mussel and place the crab in a bucket of seawater. Always release the crabs back into the sea afterwards!