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Three people are hiking across a field of cobblestone at the Koster islands.

Photographer: G Assner

Hiking - enjoy the inland or the coast

Below are a number of suggestions for shorter or longer walks.

Hiking in nature reserves

Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Kosteröarna - the Koster islands

The almost car-free Koster Islands are Sweden’s most westerly populated islands and consist of the main islands of North and South Koster. Around them lie the Koster archipelago with a large number of skerries and rocky isles and the Kosterhavet marine national park. The passenger boats Kosterbåtarna depart several times a day for our most westerly nature reserve. 

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More about hiking on Koster Islands

Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Walking on North Koster

North Koster, one of the lovely Koster Islands, offers coastal walking in dramatic landscapes. Walk over heaths and through small forests to glacial erratic fields and salty swims. There are two marked circular routes that take you easily around the island; the white route is 4 km and the orange route is 3.5 km in length. 

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Walking on South Koster

On South Koster, the largest of the Koster Islands, you’ll walk through lush scenery, with deciduous woodland, flowery coastal meadows and long sandy beaches perfect for a dip. Surrounding you is Sweden’s most species rich sea area, the Kosterhavet National Park.

Långegärde – Ekenäs via Brevik, 7 km

Långegärde – Ekenäs, 3.5 km

Kilesand – Långevik, 5 km

Ekenäs – Brevik via Kilesand, 7 km

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Västra Rossö - Kockholmen 

A nature reserve located around 15 km south of Strömstad.
Coastal walks through a natural landscape. Read more.


Photographer: A Tysklind

A nature reserve located about 15 km south of Strömstad.
Coastal walks through a natural landscape. Read more.

Hiking trials

Photographer: Lukasz Warzecha LWimages Studio


A 37 kilometre long walking trail through Bohuslän. The walk is divided into different stages, and you can choose to walk just a few of these and enjoy the beautiful Bohuslän landscape. here you find information about the path in Strömstad region:

Section 26 of the Bohus Path takes you to the highest and northernmost peak in Bohuslän, Björnerödspiggen, 222 metres above sea level. The walk also passes some fascinating rock carvings and other historical remains. 

Stage 27 of the Bohusleden Trail takes you from Högstad to Strömstad, a 15 kilometre stretch. It’s a varied walk, with a bit of everything, including some road walking and winding forest paths, finishing in the centre of Strömstad, with a view of the boats and islands.

Section 25 of the Bohus Path takes you 11.5 kilometres across the municipality of Strömstad. In many places you get a magnificent view of the Bohuslän forests and the glittering sea in the far west.

Read more bohusleden.se

The Coastal Path through Bohuslän, Østfold and Akershus 

Hiking trail where you can hike, stroll, or just visit, really great places, regardless of your interests or outdoor habits.  Read more.

View point

Björnerödspiggen – Bohuslän's highest mountain, 220 metres above the sea, with a viewing tower from which you can see for miles. The walk to Björnerödspiggen follows the trail Bohusleden from Björneröd, Krokstrand, and takes about 2 hours there and back. Read more.

Dragonkullen – A walk close to the border, to a viewing tower overlooking the Svinesund Bridges and the fjord Idefjorden. The walk takes about 1 hour in total. See map.