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The Koster Islands

Idyllic Koster Islands consists of Northern and Southern Koster Islands and is situated just west of Strömstad. It’s a very popular recreational area with idyllic landscape, many small fishing ports and beautiful cultivated landscape.

Kosterhavet national park

Experience all the typical species of the west coast, plus a large number of species that have their only known occurrence right here in the Koster Sea.

Outdoor adventures

There are many activities to be discovered, take part in and focus on the moment


Hiking trail Strömstad - Lindome 350 km

Biking on South Koster

Cycling on South Koster is a nice treat for the entire family. The roads are good and you will likely only meet mopeds and other cyclists. Bicycles can be rented at Långagärde, Kilesand or Ekenäs port.


Enjoy the coastal areas or the inland. There are plenty of pleasant walking trails to choose from. Climb Bohuslän's highest mountain or the cliffs by the sea.

Nature reserves

There are several protected areas to discover and they are all well worth visiting. Nature reserves are formed to protect the natural environment, preserve biological diversity, conserve valuable nature areas and species and to provide people with areas where they can enjoy outdoor life. Here is a list of some of our...


The Koster Islands and the surrounding Kosterhavet Marine National Park offer amazing and varied canoeing waters with plenty to discover both above and beneath...

Maritime fun in the national parks

Are you thinking of taking the family to the archipelago paradise on the border and wondering what you can do there? Here are some tips for a three-day-holiday.

Explore Strömstad town

Around the town you can discover interesting places and attractions. Learn more about local sights, culture and history on your smartphone, tablet or personal...