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Seaweed has been used an important part of the diet in Asia and other parts of the world for thousands of years. For more than 25 years seaweed has been used in Grebbestad Tångknäcke (seaweed crisp bread).

The algae that are used in the Tångknäcke are called oarweed, bladderwrack, sugar kelp and rockweed. The seaweed gives the crisp bread its unique flavour and is also rich in minerals, trace elements, amino acids, fibre and vitamins. For 100 g Tångknäcke you need around 30-40 g fresh seaweed, which gets dried and then ground into flour. The umami rich seaweed picks up and intensifies the flavour, which is the secret to why Tångknäcke taste so good. It consists of only natural raw material.

One of the most common seaweeds, “oarweed”, grows in colder water and is only visible in low tide. Something that characterizes all Laminaria-species is the thin thallus blade floats that are joined by a long stem-shaped stipe to a holdfast, which is attached to a stone or rock. The interesting thing about the Laminaria is that it grows from the stem and outward, which means the oldest parts are the outermost ones. Seaweed is dependent on sunlight, which is why they only grow down to approximately 50 m depth.

The seaweed flour is added so that the bread becomes rich in minerals, trace elements, amino acids, fibre and vitamins, but also because it intensifies the flavours. The seaweed that is used is first dried and then ground into flour. The seaweed flour does not replace the other types of flour but complement these and gives the bread its unique characteristic. The organic seaweed that they use has been cropped in the clean water outside of Iceland where it is later carefully dried with warmth from the hot springs. From 10 kg of fresh seaweed you will have approximately 1 kg of dried ground seaweed.

Laminaria is rich in mineral salt, trace elements and vitamins, which is why it is used as raw material for the pharmaceutical industry among others.

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