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Rent a kayak

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Rent a singel or tandem kayak and paddle in the beautiful surroundings in the Fjällbacka archipelago.


Rent your kayak here:


Gästhamnsbolaget Väst, Hamburgsund

They have a range of different kayaks that we rent out. This summer you will be able to rent a kayak for two people. That way a person with less experience can go on a kayak trip and feel comfortable.


Skärgårdsidyllen, Grebbestad

You find their main kayak centre in Grönemad, Grebbestad and at the kayakcentral Ekenäs, Koster. They offer kayak and SUP rental.


Nautopp Kajakcenter, Grebbestad

They have a selection of top quality rental kayaks from SKUK ( Nigel Dennis design), Valley, North Shore, Lettmann and Perception. All models have either skeg or rudder as standard depending on the specific model. Paddle the west Swedish archipelago a world class sea kayak destination from the kayak center right by the waters edge.


2sea4u, Fjällbacka

When you rent your kayak at 2sea4U the rent always includes a life jacket and a safety review ashore before you take off. They also help you to adjust the pedals and go through paddle technique and how to read the chart. 


Guided paddle tours