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Bottna Inn

Inexpensive seaside accommodation

Located halfway between Hunnebostrand and Hamburgsund is Bottna Inn. With a magnificent view across the Bottna fjord, excellent walking, golf and fishing await you.

The taste of salt in the air and a magnificent view across Bottna fjord

This small hotel has ten rooms, all with new beds, shower and toilet. There is a communal utility room, kitchen, television room and WiFi. Some rooms have cooking facilities. You can eat breakfast out on the café terrace and take in the sea view across the mouth of the fjord. The upper floor has a venue for larger groups and special occasions. All guests have access to their own patio and in two of the rooms our four-legged friends are also welcome. The dog rooms are booked in advance by phone.


Activities that bring you close to nature

Bottna’s magnificent natural landscape offers walking trails to suit everyone, from gentle beach strolls to slightly more demanding forest terrain. You can also join a guided walk through Fjällbacka, made famous through the works of author Camilla Läckberg. Both walking tours and fishing trips are available, complete with dinner and accommodation. Other attractions in the area include the Gerlesborg School of Fine Art, the Nordens Ark zoo, specialising in endangered species, the prehistoric rock carvings at Vitlycke, golf courses, and the jetty at Smögen.

Photographer: Bottna Inn


Contact information

Bottna Inn

Kvarnen Gerlesborg

457 48 Hamburgsund

Phone: +46 73 074 00 56

E-mail: asa@bottnainn.se

Website: bottnainn.se